Touchblock RM is a kitchen and restaurant management system that will add efficiency and productivity to any commercial kitchen environment. Our system is based on a handheld unit designed for ease of use, ease of training, and data collection software based on your input of food safety check lists, automated temperature probes strategically placed throughout the restaurant, and manually operated temperature probes for nearly instantaneous audits of critical food items. All features are accessible through a web-based software application that allows our customers to customize lists that match your company's specific checklist. Our web based software also allows monitoring from any web enable computer, if you are in California and check real time if tasks are being completed, with Touchblock RM there is no need to wait for the reports to come in to your office or for a regional manager to check on paper based reports in the restaurant it is true real time information.

Touchblock RM is focused on three key areas of restaurant management:
  • Accountability
  • Financial Improvements
  • Management Improvements
We make all your employees more accountable, our real time stamping no longer allows data to be entered after the fact. If a time based parameter is missed, the software will time stamp when it was actually completed or show it as not done. Touchblock studies have found that most paper based systems exaggerate the correctness of data, it is too easy to add data to a paper based system after the fact. As one of our regional managers told us, "He has never seen an incorrect paper based log in all of his years in the field". We strive to keep your employees and managers doing what they need to do, selling and preparing food. By automating certain portions of their jobs, Touchblock RM can give your employee more time to do other things. No more checking walk in cooler temperatures, no more checking salad bar temperatures. Touchblock RM offers add-on sensors that will automate temperature collection and the system can be programmed to automatically notify key employees of anomalies. Touchblock RM improves management by being able to monitor several restaurants from a web-enabled computer. A district or regional manager can check multiple locations many times during the day to assure compliance with company and governmental regulations. He no longer has to physically stop by a restaurant to check; he can do this on the web, thus making his visits to each restaurant more productive and ultimately saving money. With Touchblock RM you could conceivably manage all of your stores from a remote sight. Call your Touchblock Sales Representative Today for an on-site demonstration.
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